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A pair of cupped hands reaches out of the darkness to catch a rainbow spectrum of light.

Content Warning: Some projects involve sensitive themes and while we love when creators give content warnings, it is generally accepted in immersive communities that these warnings are not required. When we index a project, we will attempt to place content warnings in the tags, if we are familiar enough with a project to do so, but we will not place content warnings that give spoilers. Essentially: Proceed at your own risk!

Lastly, please note that a project can feasibly fall under more than one of the following genres:

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  • The World Reached

    The World Reached

    It began on October 20th, 2021 with reports that the sky was flickering red. Within days, it would take on a permanent crimson hue, signalling the end times. This ARG has everything from mind-erasing meds to demonic hotties and apparently, a ‘mailman that simply won’t die’ (Hey don’t they deliver rain, sleet or snow? Well… […]

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