The Eternal Yardsale

The vast, infinite reaches of the universe are beyond mortal comprehension. The multiverse is infinitely more incomprehensible. Anything that could have happened…did happen. Somewhere. Endless choices branching out of endless worlds. Fortunately, a lot of those choices result in tangible (or at least semi-tangible) goods. And where there are goods, there must be a place to sell them.

The Eternal Yard Sale stretches through the vastness of the multiverse and provides a dewy, lush lawn for the entrepreneurial sort to display their extra-dimensional wares. The offerings range from mundane items like door knobs and linoleum all the way to cruise liners long-thought missing. In browsing through these artifacts, one may even stumble across news clippings and other random insights into our neighbor realities.

Link: ; (1) The Eternal Yard Sale (@YardSaleEternal) / Twitter

Creator: Your host and interpreter on this journey is Alex Rhoades, a fleshy trans woman who not only created The Eternal Yard Sale, but was retroactively created by The Eternal Yard Sale. Please don’t try to figure that one out. We’re still trying to clean up all the bits of the last mortal to think about it too hard.