The World Reached

It began on October 20th, 2021 with reports that the sky was flickering red. Within days, it would take on a permanent crimson hue, signalling the end times. This ARG has everything from mind-erasing meds to demonic hotties and apparently, a ‘mailman that simply won’t die’ (Hey don’t they deliver rain, sleet or snow? Well… maybe this guy just takes his job seriously!)

The World Reached calls players to join the adventure as these survivors struggle through apocalyptic destruction and all the beasts that entails. Just take care not to become a monster, yourself.

This one is a real rabbit hole that boasts not only queer characters, but also autistic characters, so we are here for it! Fans of Pie Writes, Rhee’s Rapture, REM Sleep and Relived Eternally will also want to take note, as this one has significant ties. It encompasses a slew of other projects, the supergroup of ARGs, if you will.


Creators (get ready for it): SuperStriker26, Lock Whim, Drew, winglessWurm, Nightmare Luna, Mossmoth, The Flower Maiden, Scoping Landscape, XxSecretCodexX, Junebee, UnluckyKnight, mincenttheclown, Nick Butcher, Archer Sullivan, The Habit, Cynthia Nocton, GPReeds, cruxxian, someoneparanoid, r0xyisdreaming