Late to the Party

Late to the Party is a short and sweet visual novel about gathering the courage to interrupt your friends so you can come out to them. A coming out simulator, if you will! Ultimately, this adorably illustrated game is about friendship and mastering social cues. It’s free to play, but the creator raises money to […]

Coffee Talk

Set in an alternate version of Seattle where occults, aliens and other such creatures exist in the year 2020, you’re a barista at Coffee Talk café. As you get to know the regulars, their stories unfold in a variety of ways depending upon how you choose to play. Heavily story-focused, the barista gameplay is almost […]

Missed Messages

Missed messages is a gorgeous visual novel that allows you to make myriad choices that will ultimately lead you to four separate endings. Replay with different choices will often reveal new facets of the story. It all starts with a mysteriously flirty message from a random stranger on your laptop. The game offers an excellent […]